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DVD Duplicators

Questions about DVD Duplicators

Q: 1. Is this DVD duplicator standalone?

Q: 2. Is it possible to change the burning speed?

Q: 3. Can 8x DVD duplicator handle lower speed media such as 1x or 4x?

Q: 5. Are the duplicators manufactured by Pioneer/Nec/Sony?

Q: 8. Can I copy less than 7 DVDs on 7 target duplicator?

Q: 9. Can I check the copies if they are correctly burned?

Q: 10. I have very high fail rates on my duplication, what can I do to prevent it?

Q: 11. Does the duplication speed affect the quality of the duplicated discs?

Q: 12. Is it possible to copy a CD to a DVD or vice versa using your duplicator?

Q: 13. Can the duplicator copy copy protected DVDs?

Q: 14. Will my DVD duplicator duplicate PAL format?

Q: 15. What is the hard drive option for?

Q: 16. Can I delete items in the hard drive when I no longer need them?

Q: 17. Can I select more than one partition from the duplicator hard drive and combine them on to one DVD?

Q: 18. What are USB and Firewire connections for?

Q: 19. Can I hook up my camcorder/digital camera with the duplicator by USB / Firewire?

Q: 20. Can I save files from a computer hard drive to the duplicator hard drive through USB or Firewire?

Q: 21. Can I connect the duplicator to a computer network & generate duplications from a computer on the network?

Dvd Duplicators